How to Grow Plants Without Buying Fertilizer

Lately I’ve been really getting into cover crops with organic production.  When I’m not selling Mantis Plant Protection products, I farm about 10,000 acres in Baja California, Mexico and we farm a lot of organic crops.

So, I’m trying to figure out, how can we use less organic fertilizer, which can be very expensive. And I’ve been reading and watching a lot of videos about cover crops, and so, this season, I’m experimenting on a large scale between a couple of hundred acres of ranches that we are having transitioning to be organic.

I’m also doing that here at home, in my home garden.

There behind me, I had planted lablab and sudangrass mixture together. It’s now in November, and so I just cut everything down, and I’m going to let that naturally mulch in and create an organic cover armor across the bedtop.

Lablab cover crop in my raised beds.

The philosophy behind it is that by leaving…kind of introducing… It’s kind of like a no-till farming practice, and what we’re doing is promoting a healthy soil. So, we’re trying to build up a natural, high population of bacteria, fungi, earthworms.

And that’s something I’m actually already seeing out in the big farm is where we’ve mulched in sudangrass, we’ve got a nice, thick layer of sudangrass mulch that’s naturally just kind of working itself into the soil.

I could see some mycelium growth in the soil already, and that’s building up. And I’m actually finding some earthworms, which here in the desert, in some of these desert farmland crops, it’s very rare to find earthworms.

Just after a couple months, I’m already starting to see the benefit of cover cropping, and I expect to see the same thing behind me here.

So, just a little bit info about cover crops. It’s something that you can try at a large scale like I’m doing on our organic farms, and you can do it just like me here in your own backyard or any other growing area that you’re working at.

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