Do We Need Organic Standards for Cannabis Production?

How’s it going? This is Dallas Piscopo with Mantis Plant Protection. So we just went through midterm elections and I don’t want to get too political but there were some interesting things that happened in regards to cannabis production and consumer regulations.

So there’s quite a few more states that legalized the use of marijuana, either recreational or medicinal. So I don’t know what the full count is now, but there’s quite a few states within the Republic that have either one of those two uses, which is a great sign. It’s a great sign, even if you don’t use cannabis or marijuana, it’s a great sign for personal freedom. It’s good for everyone.

It’s good to see states come on board and actually allow the use and distribution of a relatively safe substance… much safer than some of the other substances that are out there, that are actually legalized, and it’s just good around the board. Now, we just need the federal government to get on board and actually make it legit, which is probably a few years down the line, but it looks like things are going that way.

So I want to specifically talk about California. Now, California has taken even a further step and are setting up some standards and regulations for the production of organically grown cannabis. This is also a very good sign for consumers and for the industry in whole.

Because cannabis production has been kind of in the shadows throughout its history, there’s been a lot of growers have been using a lot of synthetic insecticides and some of them are pretty harsh. Some of them are things that you do not want to spray on a crop like cannabis that people are going to be smoking or consuming in some fashion.

So it’s good to see California is…they’re going to set up this board where they’re going to regulate the production of organically…growers within California can have their cannabis certified organic, even though it’s not recognized at the national level or federal level. It’ll be recognized by California and if they do it right, it’ll be a pretty good standard and great for the industry and great for consumers in California.

So good for California. Other states are doing the same. I know Washington has taken a step forward in this direction as well and other states will eventually come on board. So good news for the industry in whole, good news hopefully for Mantis Plant Protection and good news for California consumers and producers.

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Dallas Piscopo

I am the founder of Mantis Plant Protection and also a certified pest control adviser working with organic growers throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Mexico.
Dallas Piscopo
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