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I am the founder of Mantis Plant Protection and also a certified pest control adviser working with organic growers throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Mexico.

Organic Insect Pest Control for Indoor and Outdoor Gardeners

Did you know that the vast majority of consumers buy organic foods because they think it means they are pesticide free, even though farmers use pesticides on organic crops all the time? You may be one of those people but it’s important to know that there is a BIG difference between organic, low impact, environmentally friendly, …

Diatomaceous Earth is DYNAMITE! 5 Incredible Uses for Home and Garden That Will Blow Your Mind

Did you know TNT is not the same thing as dynamite?  TNT is trinitrotoluene and dynamite is nitroglycerin mixed with diatomaceous earth, (DE).  That’s right, I always knew diatomaceous was a DYNAMITE product but had no idea it is literally dynamite…that’s awesome! Although diatomaceous earth has an endless amount of applications like filtration, grain storage, odor control, …

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