8 Ways to Use Diatomaceous Earth Indoors

In our previous article, we discussed the wonders of diatomaceous earth for outside uses which you can see here.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different ways that you can use diatomaceous earth inside your home.  

Ready to dive into all of the great ways that diatomaceous earth can improve your home?

1. Flea Control

Fleas can really put a damper on your pet’s health and your happiness in having a four-legged companion, especially if you have a pet that’s highly allergic to fleas to the point they rip up their necks itching.  

Not only can you use diatomaceous earth to deal with the outside fleas, but you can continue this treatment indoors.  

Dust your pet’s bed with diatomaceous earth along with any carpeting you have in your home.  

You should ensure that you’re putting down enough to cover the areas where fleas may reside, but you don’t have to put down too much to get the effect you want in killing the fleas in your home.  Keep in mind the lifecycle of the flea.  

After about three days, you’ll want to vacuum up the diatomaceous earth and reapply it.  

Vacuuming will help to get flea eggs out of your carpet and pet bedding, and reapplying it will work on hatchlings.  

It may take you about a month or so of doing this to eradicate them from your home finally.

2. Pet Smells

Not only will diatomaceous earth assist in ridding your pet’s bedding of fleas, but it can also help to deodorize it.  

Another pet smell that most pet owners could do without are litter box smells.  

Add a small sprinkle of diatomaceous earth to your cat’s litter, and you’ll notice a difference in smell.  

This powder is porous so it can absorb nasty smells that you’d rather not have in your home.

IMPORTANT:  Some DE’s are more porous than others so the more porous it is, the more absorptive and the better it will work!

3. Cleaning

You can use diatomaceous earth as a cleaner for your stainless steel.  

Think of how annoying it can be to have that black gunk that burnt to the side of your pot and pans.  It’s a real big pain to remove.  

Try using some diatomaceous earth to help stainless steel shine.  

You can create a lovely smelling paste using a bit of diatomaceous earth, lemon juice, water, and a dash of your dish soap.  

Use this paste to scrub away any offending stains or black spots, and be sure to rinse clean.  

This can also be used for any copper and silverware that you’re having issues cleaning.

4. Bedbugs, Silverfish, Ants, Cockroaches and Other Pests

Diatomaceous earth is an effective, natural insecticide for outdoor insect pests in your garden, but can also be very useful to kill common household critters.

And fleas aren’t the only pest that diatomaceous earth can assist you with inside of your home.  

Bedbugs are getting more and more press because of how many cases are occurring in cities and how tenacious these bugs are when it comes to trying to get rid of them.  

A person can pick them up on their clothing, in their luggage, or in used items being brought into the home.  

Bedbugs can be treated with diatomaceous earth.  

You can apply it to your bed under your sheets as well as any other areas you believe to be infested with bedbugs.  

Silverfish, cockroaches, ants and more can also be dealt with thanks to this natural, insecticidal powder.  

DE dusters like this is an effective pest control tool used by professionals and hotels for DE applications to kill bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, and other crawling insect pests.

You’ll want to apply it to areas where you believe that the pests can be coming into your home, such as around window sills and doors.  

When household insects pests crawl through a barrier of diatomaceous earth powder, it’s highly absorptive properties sucks the fluids out of their bodies which desiccates them to death.

This welcoming present won’t make them feel very welcome but will give you peace of mind.  

You’ll also want to put it in any areas where you think a infestation may be happening.

Diatomaceous earth applications inside the home is made much easier using a DE duster.

DE dusters are used to easily and evenly dispense diatomaceous earth in cracks, crevices, and every little nook and cranny where home insect pests hide.

5. Luxurious Locks

There are some remedies that use diatomaceous earth where you actually consume them, but we won’t cover those here.  

There is a great way that your hair can benefit from diatomaceous earth.  

You can add a small amount to your shampoo, and it can help to promote healthy hair growth.  

If you happen to have children or are around children, there’s a pest that might came crawling in your hair: lice.  Diatomaceous earth is a good way to handle lice.  

You’ll want to put the powder in your hair for a short time, and then wash it out thoroughly.  Reapply again until your lice problem is gone.

6. Funky Smells

Garbage cans, refrigerators, and freezers can all get a bit of a funky smell to them.  Diatomaceous earth is a good way to clean up the smells.  

Just add a little, and the smell will dissipate.  

You can sprinkle it into your garbage cans.  

Add a little to a small bowl in your fridge and freezer for those smells.  

After about two weeks, you’ll want to replace it and start again.  

7. Foot Care

You can also use your diatomaceous earth for your foot care.  

If you have a nail fungus problem, you can apply some to your feet and put socks on.  

It will help to remove any moisture from your feet and help with any smell.

8. Indoor Potted Plants

Don’t forget your indoor potted plants as diatomaceous earth can also help them in case of any pests that may be lurking in the pot.

Below are just a few common plant insect pests that diatomaceous earth will keep under control:

aphids, thrips, ants, spider mites, earwigs, leafhoppers, whitefly, worms and caterpillars, weevils, adult flea beetles, and other common beetles.

There’s nothing worse than bringing home a new plant or bringing in a plant from outside, and finding that there was a hitchhiker that’s threatening to spread to all of your plants.  

Sprinkle a small amount around your pot to help get rid of the bugs.  

The nice thing about using this indoors is that you don’t have to worry about your local bee population.

Time to Get Your Bag

Who knew this porous absorbent powder would be so helpful in absorbing bad smells, killing pests, protecting plants from being scorched, and cleaning?  

It’s really a miracle powder that can do so much.

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There’s so many different uses indoors and outside that will help to keep you happy along with your household and garden.  

Be sure to check out our previous post if you haven’t had a chance yet on all the different ways you can use diatomaceous earth outside of your home.  Click here to see post!

How have you used diatomaceous earth in your home or garden?

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