15 Raised Bed Garden Ideas Inspired by Instagram Users

Raised bed gardens are an easy, manageable, and great way to grow vegetables, herbs, and even ornamentals.

Here are 15 great raised bed vegetable garden ideas inspired by Instagram users, starting with our very own Mantis backyard garden…

Our Mantis Garden entering productive phase.

A photo posted by Mantis Plant Protection (@mantisplantprotection) on

August 13, 2016. Six weeks of harvesting still ahead (unless we get a freaky early blizzard which has happened or a blech hail storm). I am overwhelmed with all the gifts throughout the various dimensions of my life…..and these last 8 months have been unusually challenging! I’m beyond grateful to God for helping me to not only to see and acknowledge the ugly (lament) but to also see what He is doing (joy). My mother’s Alzheimer’s was an obvious evil. Losing her is hard work right now. This garden is an obvious miracle. Being in this space is easy peasy! I still need help seeing the evils and the miracles that aren’t so obvious. Why? Because God responds to evil with one darn miracle after another. And he wants me to do what he does, bring light and beauty and restoration into dark and ugly places. Have you ever thought that God desires us to join him in the miracle making? #benotafraid #lightintodarkness #openmyeyes #gratefulness #harvest #gratefultogod #gardeningasmentor

A photo posted by Laura Flanders (@coloradobackyardgardener) on

Beautiful urban farm at @manueladtla. Fresh herbs are only steps away 🌱.

A photo posted by Angela Price (@edencondensed) on

Finally finished our raised garden #raisedbedgarden #cinderblockgarden #gardening

A photo posted by Karen Johnson (@joh0270) on

#hochbeet #raisedbedgarden No. 2 & 3✅🌱☺

A photo posted by Stefchen (@stef_schwarz) on

Garden planted! #sundayfunday #fruitsofmylabor #raisedbedgarden

A photo posted by Lindsey & Justin (@ljmerger) on

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